Regularly Scheduled Events

Shabbat Service Time:
Saturday, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

We have oneg (covered-dish meal) once a month, after the service.  If you desire to partake with us, call us and find out when we will have the next oneg and what is and is not appropriate to bring for the meal.  The oneg Shabbat days are also listed below.

To get a chart of 2016/2017 Torah and Holy Day readings, go here.

Upcoming Events!


Saturday - September 9, 2017
Saturday - October 7, 2017 (Sukkot Oneg)
Saturday - November 11, 2017
Saturday - December 16, 2017 (Chanukah Oneg)


    The Month of Elul - Wednesday, August 23rd - Wednesday, September 20th

Erev Rosh HaShanah (Trumpets) - Wednesday Evening, September 20th - 7:00 PM Service

Rosh HaShanah - Thursday, September 21st (A Shabbat)

Kol Nidre - Erev Yom Kippur (Atonement) - Friday Evening, September 29th - 7:00 PM Service

Yom Kippur - Saturday, September 30th (A Double Shabbat)

Erev Sukkot (Tabernacles) - Wednesday Evening, October 4th - 7:00 PM Service

Sukkot - Thursday, October 5th (A Shabbat)

    Hoshana Rabah (Seventh Day) - Wednesday, October 11th - 7:00 PM Service

    Shimini Atzeret (Eighth Day) - Thursday, October 12th (A Shabbat) - 7:00 PM Service

    Simchat Torah (Rejoicing in the Torah) - Friday, October 13th

Chanukah (Feast of Dedication) - 1st candle, evening of December 12th, with the AYZ                                                         Chanukah Celebration on Saturday, December 16th,
                                                        at 6:00 PM

If you feel led by HaShem, we would appreciate any financial help you could give.  Many blessings and Shalom for your faithfulness to HaShem and your gift to help us continue our ministry in East Texas!